Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back again!

When I have good company, I am more of a listener, and when i am out of company i do all the talking. Blogs serve the purpose very well, both when i want to listen to someone interesting, and when i want to talk my heart out, even when i want to just remain silent. My previous blog, which sits pretty as a pdf on my desktop now, suffered a sudden deletion for no apparent reason. One fine day i just felt that i had run out of conversation with it, which is quite stupid thinking about now. Nobody can ever have a dearth of topics to talk to themselves about, if not to anyone else. It gave me the complete freedom to say anything without a second thought, but then it had to give in to my quirks. Take the blog apart and I am most me, when i am wearing that helmet and racing on the potholed roads around town. I sing out loud, i think out loud, how i love being on that old bike of mine. The times when i was trying to write my sop for admissions to the univs, there were those moments when i wanted to stop the bike right where i was and quickly write down some things. I just didn't want to lose the thought anywhere on the way. I never throw the notepads that lie around my desk at work, for the random stuff i write in all those status meetings and presentations, some thoughts of mine i want to have etched forever. And that's why 'I am bach!!!