Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back again!

When I have good company, I am more of a listener, and when i am out of company i do all the talking. Blogs serve the purpose very well, both when i want to listen to someone interesting, and when i want to talk my heart out, even when i want to just remain silent. My previous blog, which sits pretty as a pdf on my desktop now, suffered a sudden deletion for no apparent reason. One fine day i just felt that i had run out of conversation with it, which is quite stupid thinking about now. Nobody can ever have a dearth of topics to talk to themselves about, if not to anyone else. It gave me the complete freedom to say anything without a second thought, but then it had to give in to my quirks. Take the blog apart and I am most me, when i am wearing that helmet and racing on the potholed roads around town. I sing out loud, i think out loud, how i love being on that old bike of mine. The times when i was trying to write my sop for admissions to the univs, there were those moments when i wanted to stop the bike right where i was and quickly write down some things. I just didn't want to lose the thought anywhere on the way. I never throw the notepads that lie around my desk at work, for the random stuff i write in all those status meetings and presentations, some thoughts of mine i want to have etched forever. And that's why 'I am bach!!!


@$ said...

Whenever I read your blogs, I feel I don’t have to have a blog of my own. You put down the thoughts so well which is no doubt yours, but for some strange reason is exactly mine too. Be it the your very first blog about religion, the one about the apprehension of being too practical in life which bordered on being inhuman, the appraisal one where you said that you don’t care how much hike you get. The list is endless. And even after your return after a brief hiatus has been no different. I am at my creative best while riding my bike. Most of my thinking happens then. And I sing out loudly too. Funny as it may sound, I do a little dance too with my shoulders, head and whatever part of the body which is not in use while riding.
Welcome back!!!***** deafening applause*******

ferret said...

LOL,,, funny it sounds, a LOT, esp because when you wear that helmet or urs it looks so big on ur petite frame, i cannot stop laughing when i imagine you doing a li'l dance with it on :D next time i shud try and observe :P
and thx for the welcome :)

Janefield said...

very interesting! have seen you @ TGFI's but coming here for the 1st time :) welcome 'bach', wish i had access to the old blog...seems like you had some interesting thoughts in there.

just one question - why the martini glass? :) and pls dont say 'why not?' :)

i have lots to say as well but have kinda been silent on blogland for a while, more sporadic than anything else.

i need to buy a helmet asap!!! tips are welcome...its gonna be my 1st time and i'm NOT looking forward to it! :|

ferret said...

hey jane, good to see u here. have seen u at tgfi's too, and i have to say i go LOL at most of ur comments there :)
i will be putting a couple of my fav articles from my prev blog here.
why the martini glass!!!! i am more likely to be questioned 'wherez ur martini glass??' but u ask 'why' i am zapped :P
i tried getting to ur blog, but then i guess will have to wait till i can hack in :P
its gonna be ur 1st time with a helmet, lol,,, just one tip, wear a scarf and the helmet over it, its much less sweaty that way on a hot day.

Janefield said...

hey ferret/fafridi,

'shaken and stirred' by your reply abt the martini glass ;) come to think of it, mine was the dumb question..why a martini glass indeed..DUH! heheheheh :))

my blog is now open to all readers, will be moving shortly though :D

Janefield said...

oh, and thanks for the helmet tip! ugh...dreading it :((((

Neihal said...

Welcome back again :P

And stay put this time :D

ferret said...

thx neihal, good to have you over :)

Perspective Inc said...

Interesting...looking fwd to reading more of you..

ferret said...

perspective inc
nice name :)
thought to self: the plugging did work :P