Friday, June 1, 2007

Ajeeb daastan thi woh

This is one of my favourite posts from the previous blog. I love it for more reasons than i can say and it has come to mean a lot more to me now than it did when i had written it.

my favorite fantasy
well,,, only one of them!!
when i was a small girl, who couldn't sleep without daddy's bed time stories, my dad once said 'today i'll tell u your story'. usually the stories that my dad told were either those that ended with 'the moral of the story is ...' or those that never ended. i loved the never ending ones more than the other, not because of the absence of a moral at the end, but because those were so imaginative. those stories were never illogical inspite of continuing for days together. sometimes would also take the turn i wanted them to. i had to remember what all had happened previously, and anything could happen anytime, it used to keep me on my toes always. so anyway, this particular day i was thrilled about getting to listen to my own story. and he said 'when u were younger, u were just about as tall as the length of my palm..'. i was smiling in amusement, imagining myself to be that small. he told me about how he would put me in his shirt pocket, next to the pen, whenever he was going out, and i would keep trying to peep out but wasn't tall enough to be successfull. he related a lot of my adventures as the miniature me. i really dont think i listened to much of what he said after the first couple of sentences. probably started thinking myself about what must have been the travails i would have gone through and what benefits i would have enjoyed. actually i used to beleive in it for quite a few years :)
and to this day i just love thinking about my adventures as a lilliput!!!

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