Friday, June 29, 2007

made for each other!!

A colleague asked me to write a song for music that he composed. This is one verse from what i wrote. I think he'll have to write the music again, as this just doesn't go with the original piece he wrote. But this is the best that i could manage, he'll have to make do with it for now.

Kyun rasman baaton ka hai muntazir
kyun is khushi mein bhi nasabr hai
na tu samjhe
na is dil ko samjha paaoon!

rasman - ritualistic
muntazir - wistful, longing
nasabr - discontent

I always have wanted to know in what order it really happens, is the lyrics written first or the music? Though the music written first makes more sense, does the other way round happen? For someone like me who likes songs more for the words than for the music, i feel that it must be so limiting in certain ways for lyrics writers if they have to adhere to a certain rythm. And it would be a similar scenario if the music directors had to control their harmonies in sync with a fixed set of words. I wonder if there is ever a perfect fit, if music and words born in completely independent worlds, have ever come together and created something that feels like 'made for each other'


Neihal said...

beautiful lines!!

I think usually they compose the music and then the lyrics but there are instances where it has happened other way...cant remember....but will tell you if I do :D

Janefield said...

Aha! You've been TAGGED! Muahahaha! :D

Janefield said...

nice lines...and its like the chicken and egg question--who came first? either way, whether its the melody or the lyrics, the end result to listeners like me is sheer magic! well, not always of coz, but i'm only referring to the superlatives here :)