Thursday, June 21, 2007

Running free!!

I have no idea now how it’s going to go, what will come out of it, but I am going for it anyway. These were the kind of responses I got, whoever I announced it to.

What is wrong with you?
I wish I was as bold!
Are you mad?
You are seriously not kidding?
Where are you going?
Are you getting married?

And all those who asked me if I am out of my mind, did understand when I explained the whole thing to them. And some of them liked the idea a lot in fact. I appreciate the concern that was so evident in a few of the reactions I got. Trying to stop me if I am doing something hastily without thinking it through.

What I’ve loved most about it till now is the support that I got from my parents. It finally feels like they think I am grown up. And I feel the same way about them now :) My biggest worry when I was just starting to think about it was whether they would understand. When I was finally sure of it myself, I sat them down on a good happy day, and said it. To my big surprise they did not at all react as I had expected them to, very calmly (relatively speaking :) they asked me to put out my whole thought in front of them. And then finally a very calm OK!

The worst part of it has been the majority who had just one question to ask, the most annoying one at that. Whether I am traveling somewhere for a week, or talking on the phone, or leaving early from work, or playing tennis every morning, or just sitting at my desk minding my own business, they have just this one question on their mind as soon as they see me. "Are you getting married?" Guys, if I am getting married, I will announce it as just that and not as 'I am leaving this job and taking a big break all for myself!!'.


Neihal said...


r we working towards the "suspence queen title"

enjoy urself, pamper and spoil urself for as long as u can bear it. :P

Gagneet said...
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Gagneet said...

hey! this is unfair!! u said i will be the first to be informed about this :(
and by the way i did not know that you were so serious, else would have asked you myself... instead of making you go to someone else. but anyways! i think it would be some(one) special !!

so, the evitable question again - "Are You Getting Married!!??" :P

ps: where are you planning on going now? anything finalized and who is it going to be fro the zillion you have the choice of :)

@$ said...

Thankfully it was a well thought decision instead of a whimsical one.Actually even if it were a whimsical decision, i would have supported you, given the confidence i have in you.

ferret said...

neihal, a title all for myself, i am honoured, shukriya nawazish :P
ooh yes i am going to do absolutely nothing till i get tired of it!

gaggu...u were infact one of the first ones, no actually the first and the only one to know when the seed had just been sown :)
u wud've asked me what, someone special, who,,i am confused, what??
i am not going anywhere for now, plan on yahooing for some time my own way, and then maybe the official way :P ofcourse u'll know abt it :)
ps:conveniently filtered out certain evitable questions.
pps: this reply is so long, my emails are shorter than it :)

@$ thx and i really mean it :)

Gagneet said...

:D thanks for the clarification...
for once i thought you were actually serious on the thing, now i know that you were :)

congrats, on this. so, what are the next steps going to be? keep in touch about the same. me going to san jose for a few weeks, wanna get anything from there, just ping :)

Janefield said...

awesome decision fo' sho'! enjoy yr break :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

enjaai the break. i know how good it feels :D

ferret said...

thx jane and tgfi, i knew you crazy gals would love the idea :)