Thursday, July 26, 2007

the 8 proud rabbits

tgfi tagged me, and i finally could come up with 8 things that i am proud of myself for.

1. i am proud of my determination that i slept continuously for three days in a row only to overcome boredom.

2. i am proud of my concentration abilities, that i can get so engrossed in replying to a message that i walked into a concrete wall.

3. i am proud of my truthfulness, that when one of the very few cute guys in office is highly appreciating some poetry that is part of my email, i tell him that those aren't my lines.

4. i am proud of my courage that i answered 25 when my lecturer asked me how much i should get in my internal assessments, when the previous statement he had made was that 'you have just 13% attendance!!!!'

5. i am proud of my patience, that i actually had 13% attendance in that particular lecturer's class.

6. i am proud of my logic, that i can always resolve my confusion about whether it is 'chal basanti aaj teri dhanno ki izzat ka sawaal hai' or the other way round, by correlating it with 'nahi basanti in kutton ke saamne mat naachna'

7. i am proud of my enthusiasm, that i went for a four hour long movie night show just for the buttered popcorn.

8. i am proud of myself that i really reached point number 8.

Thanks tgfi and one day i hope i'll have some real things to be proud, that day i'll post a sequel to this one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I like to..

Jane tagged me, and i couldn't say no 'my first ever tag' hiiya!!

Here go the rules
1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 5 random facts.
3. Players should tag 5 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

and here goes me about me..

1. I am a terrible dancer, i don't have a rythm sense at all. But the happening places of delhi have seen the best of me :P There was once in some disc in delhi, the music was one bhangra number after another, i went and bugged the dj so much that he finally played some rock music for me. And then what happened has been captured in a video by my friends which they could blackmail me with now. I went on to the floor and started head banging and slowly everybody else who was doing their 'hoye hoye' and 'balle balle' moved out and kept looking at a girl who was air guitaring in the funniest possible way and throwing her head in all possible directions. No, you are not going to get to see the video!!

2. Now that i've talked about my dancing skills, a close second is my singing skills. Well the less said about it the better. But yet again, delhi has somehow seen the best of me. So this one time, we all went to some cool place and got our spirits high, and to our utter disapproval, the place had to close down by that time of the night. We in no mood for a headback home so soon, went to the IITD campus. How geeky the place seemed, i had to do something to feel better. So as there are these popular words, baithe baithe kya karen karna hai kuch kaam, the only difference this time being that i was the only one singing my throat sore. And i did not shut up until they got my mouth full with maggi.

3. When i go shopping, the only colors that i end up buying most of the time are black and white. Yet when i went phone shopping, i bought a pink colored phone, an 'onion pink' one to be precise. Nobody could believe it at first that i actually bought something pink in color. But its a really pretty pink, and i hate it when someone says 'what a girlie phone, doesn't suit you!' and i would have tonked on his head if he wasn't my manager.

4. I absolutely love sports, and i absolutely hate cricket. I think its just not worth being called a sport. But then as much as i love playing basketball or tennis or any other game, i just cannot get myself to follow a series on TV. It's just boring to simply watch other people playing.

5. Right now, i had logged on to get some important important work done, but this being the first tag that's been put on me in blogland, the rest can wait. The point that is to be noted here is that i am a fore-runner as far as procastination is concerned. I don't work very well under external pressure, but i need to create a situation of urgency for myself to work best.

I tag all the five people who read this blog!! :P