Thursday, July 26, 2007

the 8 proud rabbits

tgfi tagged me, and i finally could come up with 8 things that i am proud of myself for.

1. i am proud of my determination that i slept continuously for three days in a row only to overcome boredom.

2. i am proud of my concentration abilities, that i can get so engrossed in replying to a message that i walked into a concrete wall.

3. i am proud of my truthfulness, that when one of the very few cute guys in office is highly appreciating some poetry that is part of my email, i tell him that those aren't my lines.

4. i am proud of my courage that i answered 25 when my lecturer asked me how much i should get in my internal assessments, when the previous statement he had made was that 'you have just 13% attendance!!!!'

5. i am proud of my patience, that i actually had 13% attendance in that particular lecturer's class.

6. i am proud of my logic, that i can always resolve my confusion about whether it is 'chal basanti aaj teri dhanno ki izzat ka sawaal hai' or the other way round, by correlating it with 'nahi basanti in kutton ke saamne mat naachna'

7. i am proud of my enthusiasm, that i went for a four hour long movie night show just for the buttered popcorn.

8. i am proud of myself that i really reached point number 8.

Thanks tgfi and one day i hope i'll have some real things to be proud, that day i'll post a sequel to this one.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i'll admit it made me l-o-l. but still, NOT FUNNEEEEEE!!

I don't like this- nobody takes my tag seriously!


@$ said...

I am so proud of you. You have completely lived up to the expectation of "as cool as a cucumber dudette"
BTW Point 4 and Point 5, was it MES class? I remember you telling me that you wrote the same answer for some three questions in that exam.:-)))))

@$ said...

And do the confession tag also.

ferret said...

tgfi - you are tagging the wrong peepul with the wrong thing :P you should've tagged me for something like ,, say 8 things that i would want to be proud of myself for or 80 resolutions of mine that i broke this year and i would've been super quick and super serious :D

@$ - yea it was MES and thanks to how i could correlate everything that was asked, to the one answer i knew, i passed with flying colors :P
confessions, oki will try n be honest atleast now :P

Janefield said...

hahahaha!!! i think this is the coolest of the 8 tag by far! this deserves the award for tgfi's tag :)) loved it!

ferret said...

now only if tgfi gave me that award, i wud have one more thing to be proud of :P
btw jane what a time to be posting a comment, now don't ask me what i am doing up and online at this hour :)

Janefield said...

i was ogling at my trip pics!
wots YOUR excuse? huh? huh? huh? :P

Sayesha said...

//1. i am proud of my determination that i slept continuously for three days in a row only to overcome boredom.


ferret said...

bhai!! welcome welcome :)
well it's really not my fault if life didn't present to me challenges that i can be proud of later on,, so i stay content with little accomplishments like above :P

Janefield said...

DING DONG!!! Anybody home?

Janefield said...

yoooohooooo.....anybody home...rather quiet in here, innit? :P

how ya been? :)

Anonymous said...

and look whoz talking about whoz talking!!! :P
actually i am waiting for jan 1st, then i'll take a resolution to be regular on my blog and hope for the best then :)

Janefield said...

ha!!! you broke your own resolution!! its jan 3rd woman, get cracking on blogging already :P

and before you throw a cushion at me, i don't blog no more. at least don't intend to on that space anyway, so i'm excused :D

neihal said...

Jane you are shameless !!!

and ferret dear, you need to blog...
btw super tag. :D

ferret said...

yes shameless jane, everyone knows that by now!!
neihal where've u been lady, its good to see u back

ps: jane, my first resolution to blog, was rendered useless by the next resolution i took to not make any resolutions,,, but anyway just to be nice to u gals i will blog

Janefield said...

oh you updated...lemme read :)