Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy new year!

When the year has passed by, it always seems like it went by so fast. That is usually how it is, but last year wasn't so. I did not like the year at all, it almost seemed like a never ending one to me. Now that it's finally gone, i don't want to list the number of things that i hate about the previous year. Although i have never celebrated the new year, but the new year's eve was usually marked by some amount of excitement related to it. The fact that i was not at a new year's eve bash did not mean that i was not doing the countdown in my head. But this year it was on the 3rd of jan that i realised that 2008 had arrived and only one good thing had happened in the year gone by, my brother getting married. I was so busy with my brother's wedding arrangements, i had not sat still in a month. Have never been so busy, and never felt so responsible around the house. Being the youngest one in the family, i hardly ever got to know how much work was involved in my sisters' weddings. But this time since i was the only one at home, i did everything from the start to finish. It was on the 2nd of jan when all the guests had left that i finally slept for 12 hrs at a stretch.

Through the whole thing, my opinions about a wedding were strengthened manyfolds. I can tolerate being married, but going through the wedding ceremony,,ufff!! And this is about a muslim wedding, the least amount of rites and rituals, actually almost nil. It's plain and simple, ask the girl and the boy if they want to get married to each other and the wedding is over. The crux of the whole thing is just that, but there are so many frills attached. For just hearing those two affirmations and a few signatures, we literally spend money like it grows on trees. I fail to see the point that parents try to make, in making it as grand an affair as possible. If you ask me, it is one of the worst things to be spending your money on. Think about it, you splurge all you saved, all for one single day, and come out married at the end of it!!! Does anything about it sound wise.

But anyway that's how things go around in the world, and that's how they'll probably stay, i just wish my bro and bhabhi have a great life together. And now i have such little time to bring certain things back on track. I just hope i can make it to the deadlines.


async said...

Bang on point!!! Blowing up money for weddings is absolutely criminal. It should be banned

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

happy new year! and yes, i agree fully with what a waste and what stupid social pressures exist to make people splurge on weddings. rubbish!

neihall said...

ummm...i dont wedding wasnt a grand affair, but it wasnt a simple and short one either. I have great memories of those 3-4 days, and I wouldnt want it any other way. :)

and good luck with the deadlines :D

ferret said...

async, tgfi - i see so many people rubbishing it, but then finally giving in to the social pressures. I wonder if that's going to change ever.

neihal - Hmm it definitely creates memories forever. But for someone like me who doesn't think very enthusiastically about marriage, spending so much on it seems like the biggest waste. and thx :)

Janefield said...

i agree too. its so much better to just gift the couple the money put away to be spent and have a simple ceremony or a registered marriage. the money would come in handy while settling down and setting up house or even if the couple just wants to travel around the world or something.

congrats to you and bro & bhabhi :)

ferret said...

jane - eggjactly! and thx :)