Thursday, January 10, 2008

small problems!

Two problems that i have no idea what to do about.

First. I have finally gained proficiency in getting late. Well i worked at it, and now i reach half an hour late for any meetings. In the last few days i was always running late for all my appointments, somehow raced time and managed to reach exactly 30 minutes late for all the appointments. You see old habits die hard, hence the accuracy in being late. Now, being late is not the problem, it is in fact nice. Now i am not the one waiting for everyone (there are some whose late coming standards i will never be able to reach, i'm not even going to try, i'll just wait). The problem i have is that i still feel soo guilty everytime i am late. I want to be an unapologetic latecomer too, HELP!!!!!!!!

My second problem seems unsurmountable to me, any wise tips are most welcome. I have a one and a half year old nephew, who is such a darling, he likes my company more than his mother's :) So he clings to me all the time at home, keeps following me whereever i go, from this room to that, keeps knocking continuously on the bathroom door also for me. Now again, this is not the problem, i love all the attention. Atleast somebody gives me so much importance. Where i need help is that, whenever i try to put him to sleep, so then i can get some work done, even i fall asleep with him. WHAT DO I DO!!!!


neihal said...

unapologetic latecomer!

Oh how I hate them!
but if that is what you really want, you go girl. :P

but of course I cant help :D

async said...


ferret said...

neihal - i am working on it, soon i'll be hateworthy

async - :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you rock babe!

I'd recommend a cup of strong coffee for problem #2.

ferret said...

hmmph! it seems strange to most people, but i don't like coffee and tea. There are certain other beverages that might help me in the situation,, but then again not a very good idea that is :P

Janefield said...

LOL! :))

wot all yr teaching yr poor li'l nephew at this rate!

/shakes head in disapproval :P

ferret said...

jane - latest i taught him to give a high five!! so cute when he does that :)

Janefield said...

awww hehe i can imagine :)

rads said...

lol, both your problems sound related ;-p

Set all your clocks ahead of tiem, get soemone to call you, reward yourself with whatever u like best. Also perhaps it is in your mind, maybe you really don't want to be on time to any of the appts! :)

Falling asleep with your nephew's sho cute. Enjoy the cuddles :))

ferret said...

rads, this is really freaky, but you are definitely gonna live a very long life. i was just blog hopping and opening your blog now when i see this new comment in my mailbox from you :)