Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here i am...

...waiting to fly back home, with another trip back looming large...
...and now that it's almost time to go back home, i can't stop but think of how these three months were for me. So, this trip was not one of my favourite times in life, and the biggest reason for that is the expectations that i came with. Things that happened were not supposed to happen, and things that did not, were what i was looking forward to most when coming here.
I have this way of dealing with problems, maybe not the best but works for me; just start ignoring them, don't try to solve everything, don't try to set everything straight, let things take their own course, just don't stop life's happy moments from occuring because you were trying to look for closure on something not needed anyway.
I did just that, went ahead and filled in as much fun as i possibly could. Had packed weekends, till the Plan B's and C's sometimes. My train journies were used in solving puzzles rather than staring into infinity and sulking. My walks had me smiling to other people rather than just returning their smiles as earlier.
What made the whole thing so much easier was that work was better than ever, it kept me busy as it could and there was always more to do and learn. Efforts were recognised, responsibilities grew, and it gave me umpteen such times when i could justify the decision of leaving my previous company and taking a break from everything. Over this whole period of leaving that place and the break and joining this new place, i have realised that if there is just one thing that can make you look forward to going to work, it is enough to take you forward with it. When there are repeated thoughts about why do i have to go to work, and can i not go today, and the 'wow! that is so cool' thought has not come to mind in a long long time at work, it's time to move on to more exciting things. I had stayed in that kind of stagnated stage at my previous workplace for so long, i stayed till i could take it no more, i should have left it a lot earlier and i could have done without the break probably. But the stage that i had reached there, i needed all that time to unwind. And finally looking back at it, i like it all, i wouldn't want to not join that workplace if i was back to that time again. There are quite a few changes in me that i attribute to it, so many experiences that are my favourites, and just the feeling of being associated with it and some of the times and people there, makes me feel good. Things were good while they lasted, and i ask for no more. There are new experiences waiting to happen, and i am all eager for what's coming.