Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That's not how I would say it

'Thanks for bringing my it.' Strange usage of words by a colleague, to thank me for carrying a camera for him while travelling back here. I still am undecided about what i think about that sentence.

Then in the train, a guy says 'excuse us!'. He was alone. It was cute the way he said it :)

Now moving to some peeves..

Such colleagues i don't wish for anybody, or maybe if i have an enemy someday. She only had complains, about everything under the sun. She only talked to me about how annoyed she was about something, and she never fell short of troubles in her life to discuss with me. She also thought that 'my' life was pretty sad (which was partly true coz i had to listen to her everyday). She never saw anything positive about anything. But this one time it crossed all limits. I was telling her about how my roomie's boyfriend had been this wonderful guy, got her flowers and cake and champagne on the eve of her birthday and then prepared an elaborate and awesome lunch for the birthday. She heard this much and says 'Oh! he din't take her out to dinner, saving money probably!' I exactly knew whose head i wanted to bang to the wall, but did not do.

I don't know how people can ask for gifts. I can barely tolerate friends, real close ones saying that, but when we are the occassional 'hi, watsup!' kinds, i really really don't like seeing the 'what are you getting for me?'. I like giving gifts, but when someone asks for it, somehow it kills the joy in me of getting them a gift.

If you are trying to flirt, and all that you get in response is polite smiles, you should STOP trying. Either you are not doing a good job or i am genuinely not interested.

First, i don't particularly like being clicked, but my saying so repeatedly doesn't stop you from clicking anyway. Ok, i can take that. But atleast have the decency to share the pictures with the people you have clicked! How much effort does it take to upload it to picassa before you start talking about my funny expressions in the pictures!!!


Ankit said...

"Ferret"?? Since when??!!!

It took me time to realize that it is you. :)

ferret said...

damn! what gave it away!! :P
ps: i thought u knew