Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conversations in the train

Most recent one:

u: Hello
me: *polite smile and a nod of acceptance*
u: kaise ho
me: ji main theek hoon, aap kaise hain
*my phone rings*
me: excuse me
*conv gets over on the phone, but not with u yet*
u: kedi jagah de (h)o
me: Bangalore
u: o, hindi kahan seekhi
me: ghar pe hindi mein hi baat karte hain
u: achha
u: to yahan job karde (h)o
me: ji haan
u: to kinni salary mildi hai yahaan
me: oh main yahan short term ke liye hoon, to mujhe salary india mein hi milti hai, yahaan nahi
u: phir bhi kitna save kar lete ho yahaan aake?
me: jitna milta hai uska almost half to save ho hi jaata hai
u: achha, kinna lamba trip hai yahan
me: main yahan sirf 3 months ke liye hoon
u: achha! kyun yahan settle ho jaao, achhi jagah hai
me: umm, filhaal to main india mein hi rehna chahti hoon
u: kyun, india ke halaat achhe nahi hain aajkal, yahaan achha ladka dhoondh ke shaadi kar lo, settle ho jaao
u: shaadi ho gayi tumhari?
me: nahi
u: umar kinni hai tumhari
me: 26
u: bilkul sahi umar hai shaadi ke liye, koi ladka pasand nahi aaya abhi tak?
me: err umm ...
u: gurudwara dekha yahan
me: ji nahi abhi tak to nahi dekha
u: bahut achha hai, dekhna ho to mujhe phone kar dena, number likho mera
me: oh ok bataiye number
*typed the number on my phone, he calls his number from my phone*
u: achha ye number save kar do mere phone mein
me: umm ok *typed my name and saved it*
u: *little surprised look* mohammedan ho?
me: ji haan
u: to shaadi bhi mohammedan se hi karoge?
me: umm, haan,, shayad
u: achha... gurudwara zaroor dekhna jaakar, mujhe phone kar dena, main dikha laoonga tumhe
me: *polite smile* ok thank you
mera station aa gaya, bye

Somebody asked me sometime, 'what is the best way to deal with you when you are angry'. And i said, just say something ridiculously funny. And this conversation with a random stranger in the train, an old man from punjab, had come at the perfect time. On a regular day, it would have qualified to be a rant. But on this day, it made my mind go off the angry, sad, contemplative, hopeful, wishful and all other jumbles of thouhgts that it was in. It was back to mindless chatter in the head. And the evening was happier than it had set out to be :)

Another one that i remember, and will probably always remember:

I was solving a cryptic puzzle, had already solved almost half of it (the hard work at office). So i had a whole lot of digital codes on my sheet of paper and was decoding them rather quickly 'coz the logic was already figured out. Once i was done, i proudly wrote down the final answer in bold letters, beamed a smile and looked up. The guy sitting next to me was intently looking at the sheet, i noticed; and then he asked me what is the nicest thing a stranger has ever said to me 'Are you a cryptologist?' I smiled from ear to ear the whole rest of the evening.

There are a few more of these that i'll remember my train journies fondly by. Back home, I miss this pleasant commute. But then I miss the noise here sometimes :)


Ni said...

I like this post :)

tell me more :D

Janefield said...

i liked this post too :) and i totally love the logo/avatar pic. long time no see. heppy noo ear to yoo :)

Anonymous said...

:O look who's back!!! happy new year to yoo tooo :)

and since you both liked this post so much, you deserve to know what happened when i ran into the same uncle in the train station again. This time around he did not at all care for the tact that he had displayed the first time. He said that i should only ever marry a punjabi jatt guy, and its not really my fault that i was born in a muslim family. He asked me if i knew a punjabi jatt, and i do happen to know one. I cannot begin to count the number of times i had to say that 'sorry uncle, i can't give you his phone number' :D
I have never laughed so much by myself as i did on that day.