Monday, December 14, 2009


If you haven't yet heard them, you gotta!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Of Company policies

IBN Headline: Google removes racist image of Michelle Obama

Earlier, Google said it isn't company policy to remove offensive content.

What an awesome policy to have!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So, how is married life!

By now, the frequency of being asked this question has subsided considerably. Isolated instances remain, coming from friends or aquaintances rediscovering me on facebook or orkut. The answer, whether abbreviated or not, depends on who asks the question. I guess this question would figure somewhere at the top, on the list of most annoying questions (another one would be, how was the weekend!). And yet i've been guilty of it too. Sometimes for genuinely wanting to know and sometimes just as filler. I consciously try to not do that now.

I used to always say to myself before i started talking to ru, that i will never whisper into a phone, i will never ask someone if he had had lunch or not, that i was not a needy person, that i can not experience unexplained moods. I don't have entirely unexplained moods, based on empirical evidence, it's just days when we haven't been able to talk to each other :) I would also always have questions in my mind about couples who chose to live in different cities because of their jobs. Well, guilty of all that, and this too. But that's how it works for us. We spend the first two days of an extended weekend together very happily, and then on the third day i fight on something trivial and we just listen to music while he drives me to the airport. But then the flight lands at Hyderabad, i call him up and then it's like nothing happened. Was never good at saying bye anyway.

So how has married life been, well its been good, but then i am yet to see it in its full glory. Feeling committed isn't as bad as it used to seem, not at all. Feeling dependent is still a scary thought.

But something that ru and i were talking about and could only define our question well enough, never got to a well-formed answer. Took us a few arguements (or maybe we should call it discussions), to get to the question itself. So, maybe you can give me some perspective on it. How do you handle a clash in beliefs. When he believes in something, and i have always held strong disbelief for it. It's not even that one of us was neutral to it till now, it's such that we strongly supported and reasoned our belief/disbelief at every opportunity we got, and not just now, since ever, with anybody who thought as strongly about it. Since i don't want you to start basing your opinions on a fixed set, like we did, i won't give you my personal examples. Choose anything. Of course it's not a life altering belief, or we would have considered it important enough in our decision to marry each other. But such a thing can be an annoyance, one that i'm not sure how to ignore. When i come across something that substantiates my theory, i am tempted to say 'SEE!'. But i don't do that, i tell myself to forget it, it's his belief and he holds it dear. Make jokes about it!, yea it's going to be funny for sometime, but not beyond that. I don't know if it'll even matter as time goes by, but for now i'm not able to come to a conclusion on it and that bothers me. So give me some gyaan!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anu's tag

Yes Anu! i did not forget, finally getting to it. I know i know, a few months passed by in between, so see i posted two more out today itself to make up for it :)

For the benefit of everybody, here's what the tag was about; I have to pick the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos folder. I then have to post it here with a small write-up giving details about the photo.

Here's exactly what was the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos folder:

For those of you who are wondering, the glass was filled to the brim, with apparently the most delicious mango lassi in all of Austin. So delicious that Gill had to take a picture of the empty glass also, so he could forever treasure it.

It was a trip to Austin, visiting H-Man and his awesome gang of friends. A road trip to San Antonio after being made to see all the statues in Austin, the beautiful riverwalk and the buggies there, and then back in Austin, the most awesome downtown that i've ever been to, the oh so many shots followed by the most genuine 'I love you man, you're the bestest friend ever!' hugs, and then ofcourse Mr. Murthy providing for enough drunk stories so you forget about having a hangover while laughing the next morning. Thank you H-Man for the awesome trip :)

Oh well it's too old a tag now, so pick it if you like. It's nice to revisit all the memories with one photo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Right now it seems like the biggest problem with the world is that people don't listen, if anything they sometimes pretend to listen. Some do the pretending better than others, but they're all the same.

-old one from the drafts, but rings true today also.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resolutions '09

The list that i'd made, let's see how i did!

1. I'll be more assertive. - some progress made, needs more work.

2. I'll say NO. - Satisfactory performance.

3. I'll be more honest about it and acknowledge how i really feel. - Getting uncomfortable with it a little, needs to go down a level :)

4. I'll be more patient with my parents, dad especially. - Satisfactory performance.

5. I'll try and get reading into a regular habit. - started off, hoping to continue well.

6. Indulge in one extra curricular activity on a regular basis. - Did for most part of the year, but right now its in a slump. Have to get back up.

7. Learn swimming. - Did do, yay! but a long way to go before i can swim in the ocean and then learn to surf :)

8. Inertia needs to go down. - Not too bad, long way to go still.

9. Slightly more regard for self than for other people. - Satisfactory performance.

10. Need to raise the bar for myself. - Scored no points on this at all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first amendment... the many resolutions that i took this year. One was to learn to say no. Another one was to be more assertive.

And now i need to make it read; learn to say no, more assertively.

The 'NO' should not waiver from its place, howmuch ever the other person persists.

That person's self respect is his/her problem, not mine.

And, the last one was the 'last one', no more last ones.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rants for the day:

I cannot write emails any lengthier than i do now. If you cannot understand what i am talking about, then how the hell are you still employed. If something can be said in two words, i don't like to speak four. It's a waste of words, and my energy. But with you i have to speak/write three times more than usual. And you still say you don't understand!! You'll even make it sound like it's my job responsibility to write a book for you everyday, so you'll atleast understand what you are supposedly working on. Pls tell me a job where i don't have to communicate, until i feel like!!!!! And that, such place where people will understand what i am saying when i do choose to speak.

Why does everybody need to know whether i can cook or not. I will choose to have maggi noodles every night or cook biriyani, how does knowing about it do anything for you. If there is nothing else to talk about, let's just stay silent. How difficult is it to not say anything for sometime, atleast nothing related to my kitchen. And i am definitely not inviting any of you for a lunch. Or a dinner. Also, please stop inviting yourselves over, it's not going to help anyway.

On the bright side, async and i sent the gift to S finally. And, she LOVED it. YAY!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I studied biology with such disinterest in school that the scores hardly speak of what i learnt. Same with chemistry. But then both the subjects are fascinating to say the least. Much more than mathematics i guess. My liking for maths always made me dislike most other subjects, throughout my student life. But when i read this, i want to go back to school and learn things better, Be amazed with the subject as a 15 year old.

I never knew of the private banking of stem cells. When my brother was telling me about it, i had that wow expression on my face all the while and longer. If i ever have a baby, the cord blood is definitely going to get stored in a private bank as well as a public bank. It is so cool!

PS: As an aside, i still like maths the best, and somebody reaffirms it too.