Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resolutions '09

The list that i'd made, let's see how i did!

1. I'll be more assertive. - some progress made, needs more work.

2. I'll say NO. - Satisfactory performance.

3. I'll be more honest about it and acknowledge how i really feel. - Getting uncomfortable with it a little, needs to go down a level :)

4. I'll be more patient with my parents, dad especially. - Satisfactory performance.

5. I'll try and get reading into a regular habit. - started off, hoping to continue well.

6. Indulge in one extra curricular activity on a regular basis. - Did for most part of the year, but right now its in a slump. Have to get back up.

7. Learn swimming. - Did do, yay! but a long way to go before i can swim in the ocean and then learn to surf :)

8. Inertia needs to go down. - Not too bad, long way to go still.

9. Slightly more regard for self than for other people. - Satisfactory performance.

10. Need to raise the bar for myself. - Scored no points on this at all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first amendment... the many resolutions that i took this year. One was to learn to say no. Another one was to be more assertive.

And now i need to make it read; learn to say no, more assertively.

The 'NO' should not waiver from its place, howmuch ever the other person persists.

That person's self respect is his/her problem, not mine.

And, the last one was the 'last one', no more last ones.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rants for the day:

I cannot write emails any lengthier than i do now. If you cannot understand what i am talking about, then how the hell are you still employed. If something can be said in two words, i don't like to speak four. It's a waste of words, and my energy. But with you i have to speak/write three times more than usual. And you still say you don't understand!! You'll even make it sound like it's my job responsibility to write a book for you everyday, so you'll atleast understand what you are supposedly working on. Pls tell me a job where i don't have to communicate, until i feel like!!!!! And that, such place where people will understand what i am saying when i do choose to speak.

Why does everybody need to know whether i can cook or not. I will choose to have maggi noodles every night or cook biriyani, how does knowing about it do anything for you. If there is nothing else to talk about, let's just stay silent. How difficult is it to not say anything for sometime, atleast nothing related to my kitchen. And i am definitely not inviting any of you for a lunch. Or a dinner. Also, please stop inviting yourselves over, it's not going to help anyway.

On the bright side, async and i sent the gift to S finally. And, she LOVED it. YAY!!