Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resolutions '09

The list that i'd made, let's see how i did!

1. I'll be more assertive. - some progress made, needs more work.

2. I'll say NO. - Satisfactory performance.

3. I'll be more honest about it and acknowledge how i really feel. - Getting uncomfortable with it a little, needs to go down a level :)

4. I'll be more patient with my parents, dad especially. - Satisfactory performance.

5. I'll try and get reading into a regular habit. - started off, hoping to continue well.

6. Indulge in one extra curricular activity on a regular basis. - Did for most part of the year, but right now its in a slump. Have to get back up.

7. Learn swimming. - Did do, yay! but a long way to go before i can swim in the ocean and then learn to surf :)

8. Inertia needs to go down. - Not too bad, long way to go still.

9. Slightly more regard for self than for other people. - Satisfactory performance.

10. Need to raise the bar for myself. - Scored no points on this at all.

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