Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anu's tag

Yes Anu! i did not forget, finally getting to it. I know i know, a few months passed by in between, so see i posted two more out today itself to make up for it :)

For the benefit of everybody, here's what the tag was about; I have to pick the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos folder. I then have to post it here with a small write-up giving details about the photo.

Here's exactly what was the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos folder:

For those of you who are wondering, the glass was filled to the brim, with apparently the most delicious mango lassi in all of Austin. So delicious that Gill had to take a picture of the empty glass also, so he could forever treasure it.

It was a trip to Austin, visiting H-Man and his awesome gang of friends. A road trip to San Antonio after being made to see all the statues in Austin, the beautiful riverwalk and the buggies there, and then back in Austin, the most awesome downtown that i've ever been to, the oh so many shots followed by the most genuine 'I love you man, you're the bestest friend ever!' hugs, and then ofcourse Mr. Murthy providing for enough drunk stories so you forget about having a hangover while laughing the next morning. Thank you H-Man for the awesome trip :)

Oh well it's too old a tag now, so pick it if you like. It's nice to revisit all the memories with one photo.


Harshdeep said...

I recognized the mango lassi glass at the first look! And you're welcome :) Good times... :)

Jazzy Jane said...

nice one, i kinda like this tag :)

lemme 1st screen my folders and check if the pic is suitable enough and doesn't come with a statutory warning :P

ferret said...

yes yes, that's the pic we want. and i now officially tag u, so u have to do it :)

Jazzy Jane said...

did the tag! waiting for your next post :P

Anu said...

hey thanks!
better late than never eh? :D
Am glad that the tag and the photo brought back some happy memories for you...thanks for sharing it with us! :)

Ni said...

It is criminal to talk about mango in this season !!
I am so mad at you I will not comment.

Jazzy Jane said...

for god's sake, update already!

Jazzy Jane said...
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ferret said...

Anu i promise i'll be prompt the next time you tag me :)

Ni hahahhaha.. what do you say we rather talk about :D

Jane i shall try and post things about the non-happenings in life,, atleast for the sake of you saying the same things twice in the same minute :)

Ni said...

So where is that update?

Jazzy Jane said...

yes where is that update? i will say it once, but might echo someone else who says the same thing :P