Thursday, August 26, 2010

I pray for you!

Suppose a small red noise surrounds a concept that is faster than granite and bends like the distance. You want to wear its talents and drink its red. But you can't bend the view that your rushing is a pleasure and your texture sounds like the feel of aroma. Suddenly a noise drips into a clear blur and the wind feels tight. You see a three-pointed scent out of the corner of your head and your spine goes fresh. This must be the smoothness that everyone is so loudly ignoring. The secret rubs its way through your hair and is lost in a thin, green odor.

How do you feel right now, and why?


How I feel right now is, weighed down, like I am carrying the burden of the world. Why do I feel this way? When my life is going such a smooth sail!! I do know why, because it’s not my troubles that are doing this to me. It’s because I can’t do more than provide moral support, try to get some optimism back in their minds, show them hope, and show them their strengths. And, all this for? For one wave to come and wash it away in seconds. It’s the helplessness of their lives that I wish I could jump into their person, set things moving in the right direction and get back to mine. I prayed, can you believe it, I prayed! But I wonder, even if wishes were granted, which of them; I asked for so many conflicting things, I could not think of one single prayer that would put everything straight, not everything, but at least bring it down to a level that I can make peace with.

Why are troubles like this, couldn’t they be accompanied with a sense of calmness; instead of the stress! First they give you problems with no easy way out, and to top it up they give you the stress so you can go and do things that make it all worse.

Am I overplaying my role? Will they be just as fine without me worrying about it so much? Maybe they will, but I do know how big a strength I am to them. And if overplaying it can mean, some more will to fight, why not? I’ll take all that I can, off their back. But the worst part is, it still remains their battle to fight, and I can’t do anything to change that.

One unsaid rule that I do have in my life is to not go looking for the answer to ‘why’ as soon as trouble knocks. You’ll have a lifetime to think about that; and with all the retrospective wisdom too. But at that moment don’t burden yourself with the past. You already have too much to do about the present and future. Why it happened, why ‘you’, maybe you’ll find the answers, but they don’t help any! Wait till the tide has passed, it probably won’t even matter in the end. Be patient and fight one battle at a time. Yes, I know my prayer now, may God grant them patience!!


gagneet said...

hmmm... this sounds like trouble!! kya hua? all well?

what is going on in life, if all is smooth sailing then why worry so much. let life get on na!

Anonymous said...

wow! somebody still reads this blog!
oh yes, all is well with me :)
just worried for others, but not too much now :)