Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what's looking up..

Alright i know, miserably failed at that attempt on a blog marathon. But look at the good part, i've never posted this often ever, that's 4 posts in a month :) And i know people post 300+ posts in a year and i still find 4 posts in a month worth bragging! Baby steps, ok!!

Remember the complaining about the job that i did, not too long ago. Well that, is looking up now. So there's more options than one to choose from and each one is more than a step up. Looking forward to the next few months, because i don't have any idea how or where i'll be at the end of it. I'm actively avoiding working out my options, will just take what seems like the best course when the time comes to make a choice. Every option is positive right now, even staying right where i am is a good bet it seems. Couldn't be more positive than this.

Something else that i'm looking forward to, is the trip to Leh. I hope, pray, wish that nothing jinxes this one, since it's been planned a lot ahead of time unlike all our other trips so far. Fingers crossed. Ru is actually up for river rafting there, i'm knotting up all my fingers.

Now for something that i'm proud of myself for. Setting two people's dormant lives in motion. Giving things a direction. It's their merit and work totally, but i take credit for setting the ball rolling. I'm eager to see how this turns out for them in the next couple of years.

And i feel like i'm falling out of touch with some friends, so i'm going to email them this blog address and ask them to start or resume blogging. Also, will stop fidgeting with the permissions on this one. It'll always be open to them atleast.


Just Jane said...

Heya!! Can't believe the coincidences...i resurface on blogosphere and find a post from you and today, too! Read that you are married, hearty congrats, seems like its been a while now :) Hope all good with ya. Another strange coincidence, I might be at the crossroads of new job ops too and can completely relate to all you said! Fingers crossed for both of us :)

ferret said...

Heyy Jane!!! it's soo good to see you're back, in a new avatar this time ?! just jane :))
yep, gonna be two years in a few days, we'll celebrate in Leh. Thank you for the wishes :) all the best wishes for your new job ops, hope it brings you to hyd :))

Ni said...

WOW with so many fingers knotted up how do you get anything done!! :P
Leh is on my ultimate list but I am such a sissy I like easy places where I have to do nothing, not even sight seeing. A good resort does it. Next to a river- super.

@Jane: ferret is so swarthi. Hope you new job op brings you to Indore. Of course, then you will hunt me down and kill me, but that is another matter :P

Jane-e-man said...

Avatar has undergone yet andhur vun change :P

So you're in Hydie? Was there in December last. Would love to catch up some day soon. Hearty congrats on your 2nd anniversary :)

@Ni, why would I hunt you down and kill you, pray tell?? Would love to come and see you and my grandkids :D

Ni said...

Because the city seems to have terrible work culture. I say this because everyone who comes here is only biding time.They just want to go as soon as they can. Everyone I know is always complaining, including the husband.

But I am beginning to like the city now.I am a small town girl. Big cities scare me. :D
And yes I forgot the grandchildren factor. So after all you will not kill me.:P

ferret said...

Oh thank god, there'll be no khoon kharaba! :)

and whatay avatar janeman, i love this one :))

Ni, you're right i don't manage to get a lot done these days, all the time is spent day dreaming about these various things i anticipate.