Thursday, December 22, 2011

I pride myself in my logical thinking abilities. I don't have a purely emotional perspective to anything, but then i compensate for it with sufficient amounts of sensitivity in my practical-ist and reasoning attitude. And that has held me in good stead, nothing completely unexpected than my analysis results when emotions are concerned. What does shatter all my pride in the matter is, 'the idiot's view of the world'. This totally illogical reaction that will spring up in front of my eyes, something totally flabbergasting. It's difficult to accept it or reason it even in retrospect, how could i have imagined it in a pre-analysis. Sorely lacking on that front in my analysis skills, one that i'll never be able to overcome probably. But with the growing temper, it's a growing concern. I'm going to burst a nerve some day soon. Where do i go hide from the idiot's view, definitely don't have it in me to face it anymore.


Ranni said...

Strangely I never thought that I would live to hear you say that you are finding it difficult to control your temper:)

Don't worry this time'll pass

ferret said...

sigh! i miss those days when i could take anything without getting affected much!