Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Baby

My baby, whom i've not yet formally introduced on this blog. To cover up the last 21 months in a post is not going to be possible. But when i say 21 months now, it doesn't really feel like it's only close to two years, to me it seems like he has been there in our life since ever. With every passing day, i see him coming into his own a little more, building a personality. We've been christened by him, Addie and Ammie instead of Dada and Mama. We get hugs on demand. We get page 3 cheek rubs instead of kisses, the kisses are reserved for his stuffed toy Buddy. Buddy, who has to accompany him everywhere. He's got the dancing gene that his parents had somehow missed out on. He's got a great ear for music. Loves buses, dogs, birds. Loves his vegetables and fruits too!! But nothing better than curd. Is a complete foodie. Of all the words, his first word was 'Jeans'!!\e

Will leave a few pics to do the rest of the talking..

I wonder....

Enjoying the weather in Bangalore.

As you can see i'm a big rasgulla :)

In a pensive mood on a long drive.

Happy with the haircut mama gave me :)

My favorite reads!

My football buddies watch as i sleep.

Watch out for the injection in my hand.

Do not disturb me now!

The dermatitis can't pin me down!

I want to drive it!!!!

That's my favorite Buddy!

I love me :)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

So adorable!!! congrats girl!!

ferret said...

Thank you TGFI!! I hope your blogging mojo returns to you soonly, i'm always here to cheer you on :)