Friday, July 24, 2015

To the special one!

Thomas, McQueen, Mater, Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, Olaf, Simba are your favourite friends. If there’s one thing that you ask for, more than anything else, it’s a muffin. But i have a sneaking suspicion, that more than the muffin, you love the distraction that it can produce. I hardly ever say no to your demand for a muffin, and that gives you the out that you’re looking for, from whatever it is that we’re doing. And talking of distractions, oh the distractions that you can come up with!! Just a few instances.. the road forks on the way to your school, while one takes you to the school, the other one leads to the airport. Now obviously you want to go to the airport as soon as you see that fork in the road!! You even preferred to go to the hospital rather than the school yesterday. When we’re going to the new school, you want to go to the old school (day care), and vice versa!! Today morning you wanted to go to Mamu’s house, with packing a suitcase (tusase) topmost on your agenda :) When that did not work, you wanted to go to a mountain!! That’s right, a mountain, because Lance Armstrong goes to a mountain on his bike!! There’s no dearth of distractions that you can come up with :)
How old was i when i first recommended a song to someone, well you are only 3 and you came home and recommended that i listen to Super Machi.Yes a full on dhinchak number, and then telling me how to do the signature step :D You do love music, and we love the times when we sing along the cd in the car. Anytime you are trying to play the guitar or drums at home, you ask either Addy or me to sing Muskurane ki wajah, it sure is a beautiful song, and it's almost 'our song' now.
There are a few things that stand out to me about having a child. One is the complete roller coaster of all these emotions that i go through each and every single day. It’s exhausting, but it’s also extremely fulfilling to drop down and cry or laugh. Then there’s the ease with which i can express love to you, it’s so effortless. Somehow it does take much more effort in expressing love to a grown up person. It makes the heart lighter, just expressing love to anyone. But sadly we don’t do it often enough, i know i don’t at all, to anyone but you. I’m not sure if anybody else feels this way, but I’ve very rarely felt a sense of belonging, to any place, school, college, offices that i worked in, cities that i lived in, people that i am with. I feel like i’m there but i don’t belong there, it’s all transitory. With you i feel the permanence, and that’s an amazing feeling for me. And then what stands out the most is those moments which melt the heart into a puddle. There’s just absolute mush, and i literally don’t want to ever let you go from a hug! Happy 3rd birthday!! :)

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